Share a Premium subscription

Once you have purchased a Premium subscription (or pack of Premium subscriptions) you can give access to a friend or family member. Go to the Plan Details page of your account and add their email address.  You can add an email address for every subscription purchased.

Ask a question to a friend

On Mobile From the Feed page, tap the plus (+) sign on the bottom-right. Enter a question. Note: a good question solicits a thoughtful response, not a yes/no answer. Select which group should see the question by changing the Visibility, if desired. Note: the friend answering the question can change the visibility. Select the friend

Invite a Friend

On Mobile Tap the plus (+) sign in the bottom-right of the app screen. Tap Add a friend. Either enter your friend's email or tap the contact icon on the right and search for your friend's name in your contacts. Select which group your friend should be added to. Once a friend is added, you

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