It feels great when a family member or close friend asks you a question about your past. It’s fun sharing your memories and experiences. Here are a few tips to help you share memories that will keep others engaged with your past.

Get personal

The question was asked because your friend really wants to know the answer. You may have shared some information with them already, but now is your chance to go deeper. Don’t be vague – share details that will help them feel like they were there beside you.

Be authentic

It can be difficult to be authentic. Sometimes we weren’t our best selves. But all our experiences helped us become who we are today. There may be some memories that never need to be shared. But the more you’re willing to share the better those closest to you will be able to appreciate who you are and how you became who you are now.

Consider the audience

You get to choose who can see each memory you share. There may be some details that are very personal and you will only share with very close friends. Be sure to set the visibility on your memory appropriately.

You can share different levels of details with different friend groups. Share the appropriate details with the group who will see your memory, while being consistent with the story shared with other groups.

How do you want to be remembered?

While being authentic, consider how you want others to remember you. The memories you share will be around for a long time. You have an opportunity to give your posterity an accurate and rich perspective of your life from the person who knows you best – YOU.

Everyone likes a photo

While written experiences are fun and can share details missed in a photo, photos encapsulate so many stories within themselves. As often as possible, include a photo related to the experience. Even if you don’t have a photo of the experience itself, try to find one that represents the occasion.

For example, you may find a photo of the location where the experience happened, but from a different time. Or there may be a photo of a related or similar event that would help give your friend a better idea of your experience. Be creative.

Try to get facts straight

Our memories have a way of changing details over time. As you share your experiences, try to share accurate details. It may be helpful to check with others if any details are fuzzy. Go ahead and share what you remember for now, but don’t hesitate to go back and correct memories as you remember or learn more details.

Go back and add more

Which brings us to the final tip. The memories are not carved in stone. You can go back and change or add details at any time. Did you find a new photo? Perfect! Go back and add it to the memory. Your friends and family will love learning more about your experience and you’ll enjoy the extra trip down memory lane.