Share your memories

Your adventures are waiting to be told. Let your family get to know you.

  • Share up to 100 memories
  • Share photos and videos
  • Ask questions to friends
  • Like and comment on memories
  • Manage friend groups
  • View memories on a timeline
  • Free mobile app
  • No ads
  • Collaborate on personal profile
$1999per year
  • Share unlimited memories
  • Share photos and videos
  • Ask questions to friends
  • Like and comment on memories
  • Manage friend groups
  • View memories on a timeline
  • Free mobile app
  • No ads
  • Collaborate on other profiles
  • Share ancestor memories

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We spend our lives making memories. Sharing gives us a chance to relive the good times.

Why I need Early Me

Your journey is unique

Your memories are lodged deep in the archives of your mind. There are a few you readily break out and share when the family comes over, but there are so many you haven’t dusted off in a long time.

Your family and friends will help you dig up all those beloved memories. As they ask you questions you’ll remember experiences, feelings, and emotions you’ve long forgotten. As you share your memories and respond to follow-up questions, you’ll rediscover your past.

Different from other social media

You are probably on other social media platforms, as you should be. But this is different. Many other platforms help you share what you’re doing now or a couple days ago. Sometimes you may even reminisce.

But Early Me is designed to help you dive into your past and build a timeline that your family and friends can use to really get to know you.

Your memories are secure

You’re not sharing your personal experiences with the world and your data isn’t open to the highest bidder. Your information is private and only shared with the family and friends closest to you.

You are in control

With every question you choose who can read the response. Add to your memories as you remember more. Make changes any time.

How it works

Ask questions

Help others rediscover their memories by asking them questions. When they respond ask follow-up questions to help them dig into their memory a little more.

In most cases, reading their response to your question will trigger questions about other experiences. Over time you’ll help them build a timeline with their history.

Answer questions

Your family and friends ask you questions. Some will be simple with a quick response. The best questions will get you to think a bit and relive your memory. Add photos and videos to make the memory come alive. Include a date and start to build out a timeline of your best memories.

Add family and friends

Memories are better when they are shared. Connect with family and close friends to share experiences with each other. You have complete control over who will see each memory you share.

Available where you are

Anything can trigger a memory that you want to record. Early Me is ready whenever that moment comes. Share memories from your laptop or on the go from your phone.

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“Getting to know my family has never been so fun!”

~ Ellie R, Illinois

“This app is a game changer. These are the questions I would like to ask.”

~ Aya H, Arkansas

Your personal history

Knowing your family history and genealogy is an important part of understanding who you are. From FamilySearch to® there are many tools to help you discover the names of your ancestors.

Where an ancestor kept a journal or another family member has shared details, you may also be able to read some fascinating experiences about your ancestor.

What are you doing to help your posterity connect to you? Early Me helps you document your life experiences and share your memories with your family now and in the future.