Although I’ve participated in various family history activities since I was a kid, I still consider myself fairly inexperienced. I’ve contributed to my family tree, participated in indexing, taken family history courses, etc., but I still struggle with finding information on ancestors. I realize that’s kinda the main challenge for everyone working on family history, but I feel like I stumble over the littlest roadblocks and don’t know where to go next.

However, a consultation with Vicki, a talented FamilySearch genealogist, at the recent RootsTech virtual conference was extremely helpful. More than the information she found and shared on a line I’ve been struggling with for a while, she provided tips and encouragement to get me going again. Apparently these free consultations are always available.

What I’m learning is there are so many resources available and so many people interested in helping. It’s incredible.

For instance, a couple days ago, as I was looking for genealogy sites to help with another question, I came across Cyndi’s List. I was fascinated at the site Cyndi (her real name) has created and maintained since 1996 to help people like me. It’s a large site with helpful links and information on so many resources.

What I’ve learned is there will always be roadblocks on the family history journey, but there will also always be someone (like Vicki) or something (like Cyndi’s site) to help us take that next step.

And when you just need a break from being stuck, you can always do more on your personal history. You already have the foremost expert on that at your fingertips.