Today we launched more improvements to the Early Me experience. Update your app to see the latest changes.

Auto-Save Changes

Previously, any changes to your memory required you to click the Save button. Now your changes are auto-saved. Not only does that give you one less button to press, but it also keeps your updates safe. Don’t worry about reading that funny memory that just came in from a friend. Your changes will be waiting for you when you return.

Remember to publish the post when you’re done answering to share your memory with your friends and family. You can always unpublish, if needed, or add more details later.

Who Can Read Your Comments

Have you wondered who will see the silly photo you’re about to post in a comment on a memory? Now you can see a list of everyone who can see the memory and all comments. Chances are you’ll still share that photo, only now you’ll know whose day you just made brighter.