Best. Grandparent. Gift. Ever.

The best Christmas gift that shows Grandma and Grandpa how much they are loved.

Looking for unique Christmas gift ideas for a grandparent? Early Me is the best present. Your grandparents have lived a long, rich life and want to share it with you. They want to connect with you. Although their specific experiences will be different, you’ll be amazed at how similar they are to you.

Early Me helps you get to know each other better by exploring memories and sharing experiences. Ask your grandmother and grandfather questions. Read and watch their responses. As you go, you’ll get to know each other and create a valuable timeline of their memories. They will feel your love and you will feel great about the deepening connection.

Love – on the go

You’re busy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch. Early Me keeps you connected wherever you are and on your schedule.

Get notifications when your grandparent responds to your questions. Easily view their response and ask follow-up questions when you have a few minutes. Explore even further when you finally get a chance to sit down.

Memories that last

Help your grandparents preserve their memories. As they respond to your questions their memories are recorded and can easily be pulled up later. Grandparents can add more details as they think of them.

How it works