No matter how much we plan ahead, we always have someone to shop for right before Christmas. Sometimes, it’s the people that mean the most to us. Not because we haven’t been thinking about them all season, but because we’re trying to find the perfect gift.

For our favorite people, the typical gifts don’t cut it. We want something that represents how much we care – how much of an impact they have had on our life.

Early Me is that gift. It takes only a couple minutes to sign up, but the experiences you will share, the laughter – in some cases the tears – will stay with you and your favorite people for the rest of your lives.

What makes Early Me unique?

Early Me helps you deepen relationships through asking and answering questions. Whereas most social media platforms focus more on sharing what you’re doing right now, Early Me dives into your experiences, your feelings, and your memories.

Your close friends and family want to get to know you. They want to know more than the little tidbits you’re willing to share with everyone on Facebook. With Early Me you can get more personal.

Also, the memories you share are private. There are no ads that pry into your history. Your experiences aren’t sold to marketing companies that track you around the Internet. What you share stays with your group.

How do I share Early Me?

Anyone can sign up for a free Early Me account, allowing them to ask questions and read answers. Purchasing a subscription opens many more features for answering questions, such as sharing photos and videos.

You can purchase a subscription for yourself or as a gift. You can also purchase a family pack that includes a Premium subscription for multiple people.

Once your have a subscription, add the email address of the person with whom you will share Early Me. They will receive an email with instructions for setting up their account. You can also print a gift card to wrap and share.

Combine with a keepsake from GiGisPetals

Sometimes you want to take your memories with you. A photo locket or hand-stamped necklace from GiGisPetals is the perfect addition to Early Me. Their beautiful jewelry is personalized exactly the way you want it. They ship quickly and will gift wrap your gift so you can ship it directly to your loved one.

If there’s not enough time to make and ship your custom jewelry, you can always order a gift card and allow the lucky recipient to choose the perfect locket or necklace for them.